Dating your pregnancy

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This can differentiate by how the loss occurred (spontaneous miscarriage, D & C procedure, abortion, natural delivery) and how high the levels were at the time of the loss. Healthcare providers usually will continue to test h CG levels after a pregnancy loss to ensure they return back to Compiled using information from the following sources: 1.

If the due date suggested by the CRL falls outside this range, the due date from the ultrasound is usually kept.

Whether or not you receive an ultrasound during your first trimester of pregnancy depends on a number of factors, including your risk for complications.

Common reasons for receiving an ultrasound examination in the first trimester are to confirm Most ultrasounds obtain an image by sliding a transducer over the abdomen.

A heartbeat may not be visible during an ultrasound if the examination is performed early in pregnancy.

This would be prior to the development of cardiac activity.

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