Dating someone after being friends

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Not stick around and let resentment and bitterness brew.

I think the problem is, so many relationships have started as a "friends first" thing, with many people meeting their SOs at work or school. I don't think it's unreasonable for one side to fall for the other after getting to know them for a while.

If the only way they can get over their loss and not grow bitter is to part ways, then that's what they gotta do.

If the guy was a real friend who developed feelings for his friend, and needs space away from his friend to get over those feelings when they're not reciprocated, there's nothing wrong with that.

But it also kind of sucks to feel like what you thought the whole time was a friendship was something different for the other person, and nobody likes losing friends for reasons outside of their control.

So while it's understandable and justifiable for the friendship to not continue, I'm probably going to have feelings about it too. A lot of times these feelings are unwanted and if they could be made to just go away that would be nice but thats not how it works.

Just my 2¢When I get rejected by men, I spend some time away from them.

As a guy who has encountered this situation on a few occasions this is the exact response I would give.

Honestly, I have to blame the guy in most of these situations for not making his intentions clear, which usually comes down to a lack of confidence to be assertive.

However, I don't think the same guy can be faulted for wanting a different type of relationship, nor just wanting to move on when the guy and girl don't want the same type of relationship.

If the guy only became friends with someone in the hopes of dating her, well, he's not a very good friend.

And if this pair aren't friends to begin with, the guy makes some kind of move, and she responds with "oh, no, but I think we should be friends instead!

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