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The Dinosaur Tamer and Other Stories for Children with Diabetes by Marcia Levine Mazur, Peter Banks and Andrew Keegan. The stories contain examples of some of the challenges that adolescents and teens with diabetes face every day and how they manage to overcome these challenges and live life to the fullest. The colorful illustrations recount her days in the hospital, as well as the frustration of eating an apple at a birthday party while everyone else eats cake.This is a good book for the very young child and her parents, though current diabetes care allows for the incorporation of sweets into the diet.Luckily there are several very good books whose main characters are children with diabetes.Children can read these books and view the videos and see that they aren't alone, and can learn that having diabetes isn't as hard as it might seem.If any changes are made to the original text or video, you must indicate, reasonably, what has changed about the article or video.You may not use our material for commercial purposes.Think of this book as a reference guide for older teens who might be reluctant to ask their parents or diabetes team about diabetes. His family, friends and coaches help Donnie realize that he can make a big difference by being an assistant coach, since he knows so much about football. ISBN 0-8075-2158-2 (hardcover) or 0-8075-2159-0 (paperback). The star of this book is Lydia, the author's daughter, who was diagnosed with diabetes when she was two years old.

Three times greater risk of type 2 diabetes, one of the leading causes of death and amputations, blindness, and kidney failure.Once we then have diabetes, eggs may hasten our death.Eating one egg a day or more appears to shorten anyone’s lifespan, but may double the all-cause mortality for those with diabetes. From a transcript of a closed meeting I found through the Freedom of Information Act: “Given the rate at which obesity and incidence of type II diabetes is growing in the US, any association between dietary cholesterol and type II diabetes could be a ‘show stopper’ that could overshadow the positive attributes [of] eggs.”“Type 2 diabetes…is becoming a world pandemic.” We know the consumption of eggs is related to the development of some other chronic diseases. Researchers found a stepwise increase in risk the more and more eggs people ate.She recounts a school field trip to a cave, where she and Ellie, another kid at school with diabetes, weren't allowed to enter the innermost cave for fear of going low there and not being able to get out. Written from the perspective of a seven-year-old girl, author Rochelle Stern offers a simple but effective explanation of diabetes that kids can understand. Written in easy-to-understand language, with lots of illustrations, Diabetes Care Made Easy is a good introduction to diabetes care.And she tells how Ellie introduced Caitlin to insulin pens, which she liked. Stern herself was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 32 years old, so the story and activities no doubt reflect the challenges that she had explaining her diabetes to her two children. Kids as young as third or fourth grade should be able to read and understand the text.

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