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If the level of difficulty experienced was ‘a lot’ or ‘cannot do’ and the frequency was ‘rarely’, this is also considered to be a disability.A global severity score was created for the CSD taking into account the number of disability types one has reported, the associated level of difficulty, and the frequency of activity limitation.Once these three criteria are considered, people with disabilities are assigned a level of severity: mild disability, moderate disability, severe disability, or very severe disability.Severity of disability is often used as a predictor of participation in everyday life; those with more severe disabilities are less likely, for example, to attend post-secondary programs, participate in the labour force, and participate in community events than those with milder disabilities.

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The result of these efforts is a set of Disability Screening Questions (DSQ) which were used on the 2012 CSD.

In 2010, Canada ratified the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

With this, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) launched a new disability data strategy to monitor progress in creating a more inclusive and accessible society for people with disabilities.

Under this new initiative, ESDC – in partnership with Statistics Canada – developed a new set of questions to identify people with disabilities.

These questions use a social model of disability where disability is the result of the interaction between a person’s functional limitations and barriers in the environment, including social and physical barriers that make it harder to function day-to-day.

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