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The stereotyping plays itself out in the roles you see Chinese women playing in theatre, on TV or in films.Take the 25th anniversary revival of Miss Saigon in the West End.I also really like the fact that his chest is naturally smooth and I can lick his nipples without getting a mouth full of gross hair!I also like that my boyfriend is just a few inches taller than I am, so he doesn't loom over me like some kind of hulking bear and we can look in each other's eyes when we dance!My boyfriend is ABC (American Born Chinese) and he is sooo hot!*blush*What can I say I have always been into East Asian guys since I was a teenager.I'm talking about when Caucasian men develop an acute sexual preference for East Asian women – even becoming a fetish, for some.In fact, the most recent figures from 2.4 million users of Facebook dating apps showed a clear skew in preference for women of East Asian descent by men of all racial groups, except, ironically, Asian men.

Korean guys are also pretty hot, a lot of them have that really square chin thing going on which is very masculine! When my boyfriend shaves the back of his hair it sticks up in this cool way and the texture feels so nice!

In the UK, Sherry Fang, a 26-year-old British Chinese student, tells me she's had strangers say to her “you look just like his ex, she was also Chinese”, and argues it would be wholly inappropriate if she were black or Indian.

In Britain, while significant rates of intermarriage between the Chinese and white Caucasian population have demonstrated social integration, the trend is nevertheless heavily skewed towards Chinese women and white men, rather than the other way around.

This always cracks us up because actually I'm the one born in another country and he was born right here!

No, not the disease you can pick up when travelling to certain countries.

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