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At Era Spa Hotel Complex guests will find a spa and wellness center, and a la carte restaurant.

Other facilities include grocery deliveries, meeting facilities and a ticket service.

There is also a multiple-options provision for use of nuclear weapons depending on the situation and intentions of the potential enemy.”[22] reported that former Chief of the General Staff and Deputy National Security Council Secretary General of the Army (ret.) Yury Baluyevsky stated that “conditions for pre-emptive nuclear strikes…is contained in classified policy documents.”[23] Russia has been making high-level nuclear threats since 2007, but in 2014–2015 it shifted from threats of a nuclear response (or preemptive attack) in response to “aggression” to nuclear threats in support of Russian aggression in Ukraine.[24] Russia also conducted a substantial number of well-publicized nuclear exercises in 2014–2015.[25] U. and NATO senior officials have voiced concerns about Russian aggressive rhetoric and actions. Russia and China clearly pose the most serious of the existing nuclear threats to the U. Both Russia and China are modernizing their air defense systems and creating missile defenses.[47] The Russian programs in strategic missile defense are about ten times more ambitious than U. programs, and they are aimed at defending against the U. S., has retained essentially all types of Cold War tactical nuclear weapons.[67] China. nuclear ALCM reportedly may not be supportable much longer.[84] Even if it is, it will face advanced Russian interceptors: the SA-20, an improved version of the SA-12, and the much improved S-400 system. They protect adversary leadership; nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons; and ballistic missiles.[87] We are losing most of our bomber capability against critical hard and deeply buried targets. Putin’s aggression in the Ukraine and his threats against NATO states have certainly deteriorated the security environment. [11] Will Stewart, “Moscow Troops Could Be in Five NATO Capitals in Two Days, Boasts Putin: Leader Boasted to Ukrainian President About Russian Power,” , September 18, 2014, [63] “Russia to Produce Successor of Tu-160 Strategic Bomber After 2023,” , August 25, 2012, (accessed October 14, 2015). 360 (Fairfax, VA: National Institute for Public Policy, February 2014), p. [67] Aleksey Arbatov, “Tactical Nuclear Weapons: Problems and Solutions: Strategic Offensive Weapon Reductions Could Extend to Nonstrategic Munitions,” pp.

According to NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, “We are responding and we are doing so by implementing the biggest reinforcement of collective defence since the end of the Cold War.”[13] While this is true, the current NATO approach to conventional defense may not be adequate to deter Putin because it is not being forward-deployed, thus creating the opportunity for a quick territorial grab. S.-Russia relationship has changed fundamentally since the days of the Cold War…. The Air Force “family of systems” approach to the new bomber will depend upon the capabilities of other aircraft to allow it to perform its mission.[39] This does not appear to be applicable to the nuclear mission. 2014, (accessed October 14, 2015). [74] Bill Gertz, “China Conducts Second Flight Test of New Long-Range Missile,” Vol. _101_INSTANCE_rp0fi UBm ANa H_view Mode=print&_101_INSTANCE_rp0fi UBm ANa H_qr Index=0 (accessed October 14, 2015), and U. Department of State, “Arms Control and International Security: New START Treaty Aggregate Numbers of Strategic Offensive Arms,” October 1, 2014, Schneider, (Fairfax, VA: National Institute Press, 2012), October 14, 2015).

Significantly, NATO has done nothing to enhance nuclear deterrence.[14] There is increasing recognition in the West that Russian aggression, when linked with Russian nuclear capability and its views concerning the use of nuclear weapons, poses a very real danger. Russia and the United States are no longer adversaries, and prospects for military confrontation have declined dramatically.”[32] There are strong indications that the Obama Administration has increased priority for nuclear deterrent forces in light of Russia’s aggressive behavior. (The other aircraft will not likely be nuclear hardened or have the necessary range to support the nuclear deterrent mission.) Under the current program, even if the U. actually builds the 80-100 LRS-B the Air Force is now planning, the entire U. bomber force is likely to eventually decline to 80–100 bombers and not all of them will be combat coded.[40] The only question is how soon this will happen. [59] “Deployment of First Regiment With New Strategic Missile Complex Will Begin in 2014 -- General Staff,”, June 7, 2013 (transcribed by World News Connection); Mark B. 219222(accessed October 14, 2015). [81] “New START Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty Between Russia, US in Details,” , April 29, 2015, October 14, 2015). Air Force, “AGM-129A Advanced Cruise Missile,” January 17, 2011,

The distance to Kurshskaya Spit is 12 mi from the property, and Baltic Sea is 12 mi away.

Kaliningrad International Airport can be reached within a 25-minute drive of the property, and Kaliningrad Train Station is a 15-minute drive away.

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