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There are variations of the major types that we will call sub-types.

In some cases there are additional words stamped or superimposed onto the basic design.In order to differentiate between different Royal Worcester (RW) coddlers with the same or similar pattern, We use a combination of characteristics of the coddler. As more data becomes available to us, some of these types may change.There are twelve major types of RW coddlers, which will be designated with an Arabic numeral (Type 1 through Type 12).Type 6 is a grouping of examples that we don't really know the chronology of yet. Type 6A has the same wording in the backstamp as Type 7 but in a larger type. Outside the circle appears ROYAL WORCESTER above and PORCELAIN below around the outside of the circle. The screw threads are of the newer, less-dense pitch.The backstamp of Type 9 is black and is imprinted over the glaze. Here is a table backstamp characteristics of those similar types.

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