Dating mesa amplifiers

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#Mesaforbasss Y3w Triple Crown™ TC-50™ 1x12 Combo in embossed leather Vintage Rose Floral and Cream/Black Jute Grille. Throttle Box - Recto in a pedal with Mid Cut for Scoop or Boost. TLcq IKLAe @Andy Timmons Band is in NYC today recording on a rock fusion project with his Lone Stars and a Triple Crown TC-100 head and 2x12 Recto Compact for some of of the higher gain sounds. Axk7d The JP-2C is the John Petrucci Signature re-issue of the the renowned Mesa Mark IIC with a modern feature set.This and 240 other custom options are available for your next Mesa in our Design Gallery:… Massive punch, liquid gain, sparkling clean headroom, MIDI, and bonafide C Tone. 1962-1963 * Blonde or dark (smooth-textured) covering in equal use. 1963-1964 * Dark cover standard, texture varies between smooth dark grey or black to basketweave texture. * Strap handles with “Vox” logo appear in mid-1964. * Top Boost controls integral with control panel early 1964. * Mains selector changed to five-way rotary switch type. 1966-1967 * Metallic black ventilators used late 1966. * Changed to silicon rectifier system, GZ34 valve deleted.

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In-depth discussion on the tonal possibilities and the technical details behind using the Switch-Track ABY to build trouble-free, great sounding, multi-amp rigs. VVo Ie E Congratulations to Austin Guitar House @Austin GTRHouse on their new store location in Austin, TX!

Experimentation is key and learning the range of your Tone controls and how they interact is part of the fun of playing and dialing in your Tone.

#Tone Tips Tuesday allowing you to set your Treble control lower and increasing the effectiveness of Bass and Mid controls.

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