Dating in todays modern society

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This consisted of men and women attempting to construct the appearance of desirability, a feat which was accomplished by different means based on gender: Males’ reputations depended on their ability to create an impression of wealth, while the reputation of females was based on the ability to secure the interest of popular men.

A woman had to secure a large number of dates with attractive men; if she was unable to, or if she chose to exclusively date one man, her social “ratings” would suffer.

Rather, love was regarded as the product of a constructed arrangement, eventually achieved by couples with aligned resources and values.

This tradition of parental oversight was legitimized by the law, which held that guardians were permitted and expected to organize the transition of their child into a legal marriage.

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This change was partially catalyzed by the scarcity of young males in the United States, as nearly all able-bodied men between 18 and 26 were engaged in the war effort across seas.Marriage during this time was less a public declaration of mutual affection and more an essential means of legally exchanging property between families.Courtship was the ritual that would allow the families to evaluate potential matches and determine if the arrangement would be advantageous.The courting script was usually contained to “calling,” in which the man was invited into the woman’s parlor for conversations over tea and involved a large degree of supervision.Reputation was also an essential form of social currency that required intimate guarding.

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