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They have popular grilled beef delicacies such as Suya, Kilishi, etc.

Cow milk known as Nunu taken with Fura is also one of their frequent and treasured meals.

The remaining minority practice traditional religion, known as Maguzawa, usually belonging to some local cults.

Their religion, mode of dressing, food, marriage and language are all peculiar. This worship was brought down to them by traders from North Africa, Mali, Borno, and Guinea.

In the course of trading, almost all of them embraced this religion and since then, they have been holding tenaciously to it.

Followers of Islam are known as Moslems or Muslims and their practices are based on the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed, as recorded in their Holy Book, the Qur’an.

They hold their worship sessions in the mosque and have the practice of praying five times a day.

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