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"People can talk about rape—and generally people talk about rape in the community—but oftentimes it's not about identification of survivors."By contrast, Cecilia didn't think twice about telling her husband that she was raped. After she was assaulted Cecilia recalled laying on the ground, unable to get up.

She was marched along with many other women from the village—"pregnant mothers and breastfeeding mothers" among them—to an abandoned market. There, the man who'd first grabbed Martha threw her down on the hard gravel and raped her."I felt pain on my back because the ground was too rough," Martha says."It is better that they raped us and now it is good we are still alive."Cecilia's decision to tell her husband wasn't unique in Bentiu.Several other women interviewed say they'd shared their stories with relatives or even neighbors.They'd managed to survive South Sudan's civil war by hiding in the bushes as soldiers ravaged their surroundings."They killed civilians and raped women," Cecilia, now 17 years old, says of the fighters. Those found in the house got burned inside."Many of her neighbors had fled to a United Nations base in the northern town of Bentiu amid a recent escalation in fighting, but Cecilia had stayed with her disabled father, who was unable to make the three-day journey by foot.But eventually, he insisted she go, fearing that she would be raped or killed if she continued to stay.

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