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” I’d planned to write a short story, and I was a couple of pages into it when I realized I wasn’t capturing the way these women talked. When I was a kid, the mystique of the beauty parlor was that guys were never allowed.

I can make food for Johnny [Harling’s younger brother], I can whip Mama and Daddy into line, but I don’t know how to help you, and I wish I could.” Even when she was sick, she’d come home from the hospital and make a box of brownies and send them to me. Not every diabetic is the same, but because of her particular condition, the doctors were concerned that carrying a child would affect her.And I could see into the kitchen, and there were all these women and they were laughing and telling stories and dishing things out.They were saying things like, “You know this would be a lot better if she had just put a little white pepper in it.” And I thought, “This is very interesting.This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of Steel Magnolias, a play Robert Harling wrote just months after his sister, Susan, died of complications from diabetes.Written as a tribute to the strength of his sister, his mother, and the coterie of women who supported them, the work broke records at the Lucille Lortel Theatre in Manhattan, where it ran almost three years.

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