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No doubt you've had the experience of having things all locked with a girl - she's agreed to a date, say, or she's decided that, yes, she's coming to this restaurant or bar with you, or, yes, she's coming home with you. Then, out of the blue, she says, "Wait, no; let's get some Mexican food. " Or, you're out with a girl and she says, "Let's get some ice cream. " So you say sure, and start heading to the ice cream shop.Scorpios are known for being mysterious, sexy, and feisty, but beyond that, they can be hard to figure out, especially when it comes to dating. We’ll start with the 7 don’ts, but if you want to skip to the 7 do’s, click here.

If you hurt a Scorpio man, he’s unlikely to forgive forget.

He’ll want you to tell him as much as you can about yourself, even if he doesn’t reciprocate.

Don’t let this get you down because it will pay off!

Well, first of all, it’s a zodiac sign for those born between February 19th and March 20th. He loves to play and is often the life of the party.

Apparently she also knows a thing or two about astrology (we were shocked too). Throw in a skinny dip at your local lake and watch his dreams include you.” Here are 8 more things to know about Pisces men before you start dating them.

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