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It wasn't until the 1990's with the Biddy Early brewpub that anyone dared try again.A steady trickle of new brewpubs and micros has continued since, though they are still of minor significance in terms of volume (45,000 hl to Guinness's 5.2 million hl).All the new brewereies have produced cask-conditioned beer on a regular basis.Ireland now has more breweries than at any time since the early 1920's.The older system of serving draught stout involved two barrels behind the bar.Each glass was first filled about two-thirds with old, relatively flat beer from the lower cask ("low stout").

Sources: "Guinness 1886-1939", by Dennison & Mc Donagh, p.Their last Dublin rival (Findlaters) closed in 1949 and by the mid-1960's they had rounded up the last few stray ale breweries.The only challenge to total control was in Cork, where the tied house system of Murphy's and Beamish & Crawford kept Guinness at bay, at least for a while.This is how the 19 active breweries (16 in the Irish Republic, 3 in Northern Ireland) and two contract brewers (one either side of the border) can be classified: Ireland is famous for one style of beer: stout.Originating in 18th century London, porter became immensely popular in Ireland around 1800.

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