Dating after marraige

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Kate, on the other hand, responds more to affectionate and positive words.In the past, this created some tension between us because I didn't get the physical contact I need, and I tried to show Kate my love through touch instead of compliments, which are what she needs. So one evening I sidled up to Daniel in his "man chair," and his face lit up right away.I love that she's willing to listen in order to understand me better.Shayla: I find it amazing how much you can find out about a person from his taste in music.Still, there are lots of other ways to get closer to your spouse.Just ask these four couples, who have discovered how to revive the romance despite the many challenges of raising a family.I've been known to break into spontaneous dancing and make silly faces to amuse Caren. My favorite memory was the time I mailed it to our new home, addressed to her.

Daniel: My philosophy is you can't have love without laughter.It created this intimate moment where it was just the two of us.Since then, I've noticed that he responds much better to talking about finances or work issues when I'm holding his hand or rubbing his back rather than sitting across the room.Kate and Daniel Raidt Married 6 years Austin, Texas Parents of Conley, 6, and Bodie, 3Kate: Four or five times a week we make a point of snuggling on the couch after putting the kids to bed.We used to sit in separate chairs and read the paper. It made me realize that Daniel feels love through touch, so we needed to sit closer to each other. Back rubs, massages, and cuddling make me feel appreciated.

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