Dating affiliate programs pay htm

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Please read this agreement carefully before registering and using the Affiliate2day service as an affiliate.

By signing up for Affiliate2day program, you indicate that you have read and accepted this agreement and its terms and conditions.

Qpid Network's clients are men of all ages with high incomes (0K pa or higher) residing in developed countries (North America, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand) seeking to date beautiful ladies from China, Southeast Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe.

With each change wait until about 1,000 visitors have seen the change, and monitor your commissions to see if they increase or decrease.

If 1% of your visitors are buying and tiny changes boost your success rate to 2%, you will DOUBLE your commission!

Perhaps in 3-4 months' time, you will be receiving 100 visitors a day. visitor-to-sales ratio, try little experiments one at a time.

Try changing the heading on a page, the words, the colors, the placement of your links.

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