Dating a parent

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In real life, their personalities won’t be so clear-cut.

Some of them may actually be genuinely happy that their ex has found someone who makes him or her happy.

Just be aware that when you’re dating the parent, you’re also somewhat wooing the kid if you want your relationship to be more serious. In many rom-coms, the ex of a single parent is usually either virtually nonexistent or completely nuts.

So to help you out, here’s the basic guide of things you should be able to do to have a successful relationship with a single parent. This goes without saying since you’re dating someone who has an offspring.

But the child won’t be the only one that would come before you.

There will also be parent-teacher meetings to attend, recitals to watch and play dates to set with other parents.

But this doesn’t mean you have to just blend into the background of his or her busy life.

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