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Often when a man withdraws from a relationship, it can make a woman chase him and do even more damage.

Remember that when a man feels pressure, no matter what the situation is, he resists.

When oxytocin levels in women increase, they feel bonded and close to the person they are with.

Men’s testosterone levels decrease in response to the added oxytocin and while it’s pleasurable at first, after a short time it causes men stress.

Here are the six of the most common, sneaky reasons why men pull away: But not the type of chemistry you might be thinking of.The best way to get through this stage and come out WITH your man still on your arm is to let go of the pressure cooker talks. He must feel like being with you is an exciting bonus, not a trap . If you’re feeling clingy and needy, you need to stay busy with your own work, hobbies and goals. What feels like withdrawal might just be actual busyness.Is he actually running away or is not answering your text messages in 30 minutes your version of neglect? He might need to put in extra hours before he loses his job or he wants to help his buddies move on the weekend, you get the picture.He might be having his own private freakout about it.Rather than push for more commitment (and those little “hints” qualify) make sure you’re nurturing the relationship itself.

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