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Corinna Schumacher, wife of the former racing driver Michael Schumacher, arrives at the Grenoble University Hospital to continue a bedside vigil for her husband who is recovering from severe head injuries sustained in a skiing accident Corinna Schumacher has been heralded a “heroine” an “the epitome of grace and charm” as she made her first public appearance since the tragic skiing accident that left her husband Michael Schumacher comatose in December 2013.The wife of the seven-time Formula One world champion is pictured in German magazine (the same publication criticised for these shots of the Duchess of Cambridge) laughing, smiling and handing out chocolates at a Western-style horse riding event in Givrins, Switzerland over the weekend.Corinna Schumacher, 48, was pictured alongside the couples teenage son Mick, 18, at the FEI World Reining Championships in Switzerland on Thursday.The event at her horse-riding arena, CS Ranch, is considered to be one of the best in the world.Doctors described his condition as “extremely serious” after his admission to Grenoble Hospital where he underwent two life-saving operations.

No updates were given until April 2015, when it was announced that Schumacher had shown “moments of consciousness and awakening”.

And, despite wearing a helmet, the German star fell into a coma for six months after the accident and doctors said he had suffered blood clots on the brain.

Physicians said the F1 legend would almost certainly have died if he was not wearing head protection.

But despite keeping a low profile, FIA president Jean Todt revealed she had attended the race on Twitter.

The ex-Ferrari head honcho posed for a heartfelt picture with Mick and Corinna that reminded him “of the good times”.

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