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You must begin repayment within 9 months of leaving school, or risk default.Average Perkins Loan repayment schedules are approximately 10 years, barring any loan deferments.Needy undergraduate students may qualify for up to ,500 in Perkins loans each year; with a cumulative maximum borrowing limit of ,500, over the course of a student’s college career.Graduate students qualify for up to 00 annually, with a lifetime borrowing threshold of ,000.Although the country is dotted with over 1,700 participating institutions of higher education, it is important to consult individual campus financial aid offices for specific program information.The amount of funding available at any given school is strictly based on the financial resources in that particular college’s Perkins account.Perkins Loans are packaged with a 5% interest rate and a 9-month grace period.

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The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) provides the only path to federal financial aid; including Perkins Loans.Perkins Loans fill important funding roles for students who qualify; but the pool of aid isn’t bottomless.If you have your eye on Perkins financing, the keys to winning a loan are filing early and meeting federal financial aid eligibility requirements.Federal FAFSA filing deadline is June 30th, but individual states and campuses impose their own unique filing requirements.The application can be filed any time after January 1st, so students who are counting on federal aid; especially Perkins Loans, are encouraged to file as early as possible. A small percentage of FAFSA applicants are required to submit additional documentation or clarify application entries, but once your financial information is in place, an individual Student Aid Report (SAR) is generated.

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