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I don't know of any other companies that do that.

Like I said they aim to pair up marriage minded men and women committed to one another. I am making a return trip to further my connection. Bus transfer from Odessa was terrible, exhaust fumes were coming into the rear of the bus where I was sitting.

I know a lot of guys who complain about the quality of the ladies looks wise as if it was a bait and switch but their you tube videos show what to expect so not sure if thats a valid complaint .

Unfortunately I didnt meet my match primarily because after my trip back to see her, she did things like never looking into my eyes and not showing any affection, and she was always asking me for financial support as if I owed it to her .

I had the great opportunity to go on the March 2018 tour. I have a great time with the group and the restaurants are beyond fantastic. Thank you Mark Davis and Thank you Irina for the successful experience. Went on a DC tour this year (2017) Arrived and was met at the Airport, driver was on his phone constantly and this was a safety concern for me. TO be involved in a traffic accident would have ruined my vacation. No air conditioning and felt sick from heat and fumes.

When I complained it was stated that this was the only bus available ???

After doing doing my homework and looking at so many agency I decided to go with Dream Connection, after speaking with Mark and Anna I was sold, that feeling you get when you know you made the right decision.Its a cultural expectation especially if youre a foreigner cause to them , all foreigners are rich.And this is the issue they and other agencies wont tell you about in fear of losing business.I meet 2 women who were what I was looking for, One was just after as much as she could get and picked EXPENSIVE places every time. So it is way more expensive than portrayed in the videos. 80% seems to be an exaggeration most men on my tour went away without any success.Others were just plain ripped off by some of the women. Translator was Excellent Met a great bunch of men Will be going to Ukraine again as it is a good place to visit. The girl I meet from the event didn't work out.

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