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I have seen that spark a journey to faith in Christ in the non-believer.David Ritz is a pastoral intern with Church 21 concentrating largely on reaching university students in the downtown core of Montreal.

More often then not, when those kids hit the age of 12, we stopped seeing them altogether.

Having a cheerleader from the side, is not going to push you to Christ in the darkest, and hardest moments of life.

Believers dating believers is not a guarantee to a messy free relationship, it is not a guarantee to stress free living, perfect child-raising, or even purity.

It often goes in the direction of believers walking away from their faith, or they find themselves in extremely difficult, and messed up situations.

I understand that two professing believers can also make a mess of their relationship, that may also result in an abandonment of faith, but that is not the subject of the question.

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