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Keith was placed on Savaii along with Ozzy, Jim Rice.

Papa Bear, Dawn Meehan, Whitney Duncan, Elyse Umemoto, Semhar Tadesse, and Cochran.

At the first tribal following the merge, he is targeted, likely for being a threat in challenges, but also for not likely having the Hidden Immunity Idol.

At first it's a tie in votes divided by tribal lines.

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Why you think you will be the Sole Survivor: I can make people understand, or think my decisions are looking out for them. I wouldn't go on the show if I didn't feel I could win! Occupation: Water Treatment Tech Personal claim to fame: I graduated college and moved to Hawaii for two years because that was my dream. She raised me and my sister with little help and eventually bought a house for us after saving for years.She taught me how to be a gentleman even while I was causing trouble when I was young.In this case, it starts with a super hammy Emile Hirsch character named Shane Danger learning he has to fire his wife and employee Lulu (Aubrey Plaza) from the donut shop.To make matters worse, Shane steals money from a convenience store owner named Adjay (Sam Dissanayake), who then sends a hired gun named Colin Keith Threadener (Jemaine Clement) to get it back.

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