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To anyone who doesn't want to be spammed by bots in the comment section and have actual episode work and if not have it fixed immediately then is a site for you because honestly the trouble isn't worth it on this site.

Mark tries to enter the house, but the amulet repels him.

So yeah this is a big fuck you to this website and only reason I'm living my account here is 'cause the only one good thing about this place are the way you categorize your shows and see the percentage of stuff you watch.

It’s not usually the type of genre but, it’s damn funny & I get the feeling y’all gonna dig it as well... Openload pops up this page when I click onto it: Secure Connection Failed. Then plays for a few seconds then buffers, buffers.

Tony tells Piper that he had faked his death and was planning to flee to Hong Kong. The sisters return to the manor and are greeted by a surprise party for Prue, with Andy in attendance.

Andy finds Tony's picture, with the newspaper in his hands. Piper freezes a bullet in flight and Prue flings Tony downstairs.

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    Police believe Franklin took many of the pictures, which show both conscious and unconscious individuals, dating back 30 years.

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