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05/28/03 - Adams Fieldhouse: Missoula, MT attendance: 7,000 support act: Idlewild set: Can't Keep, Last Exit, Do The Evolution, Save You, Ghost, Insignificance, Cropduster, Even Flow, Grievance, Wishlist, Not For You, Whipping, Corduroy, Brain Of J, Black, Better Man, Porch enc 1: Elderly Woman, Daughter, Crazy Mary, I Got Shit, Down, Glorified G, All Or None, Blood enc 2: Last Kiss, Know Your Rights, Alive enc 3: I Won't Back Down, Fortunate Son, Yellow Ledbetter notes: Ed greets the crowd after 'Can't Keep,' talking about how it is the first night out of the second leg of the longest tour they've done since they were in their early 20s and they thought Missoula would be a good pick where it "would go well" for the first night and that it is Jeff's hometown.

After 'Ghost,' Ed speaks about a crew member (lighting guy, Sarge) who is in the reserves who got called to duty but was back on the tour again.

As soon as the song ends, 'RVM' begins immediately Jeff quickly switches his bass out for a new one.

He's still having problems, but gets it worked out in time to lead into the "saw things..." section finally. have you ever noticed that Canada is kinda like your Grandma's attic? you should be lucky that this is a secret." He says they asked Mr.

To start the second encore, Ed performs Tom Petty's 'I Won't Back Down' and it seems more practiced.

'Bushleaguer' is a surprise, but the Canadian crowd eats it up.

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I'm impaling him in a ritualistic manner," leading to 'Soon Forget.' Ed puts on the mask, leading straight into 'DTE' and he pushes the mask up to sing and leans over so the mask is facing the crowd. 'Elderly Woman' is dedicated to the guys from Medicine Hat (who had to hitchhike to be there when their vehicle broke down).He speaks of how often they've played at Shoreline and jokes about waking up sweating after having dreams about Mike in the Village People outfit.He continues, "Unless Neil stops playing here, we'll never get to be the house band ...Matt's drumwork makes the snappy transition from 'Lukin' to 'Grievance.' '1/2 Full' is slightly extended as Ed uses the mirror to capture the spotlight to light different areas of the crowd when he sings, "Who will save the world?" 'Parting Ways' is intense, but Jeff's bass is malfunctioning.

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