Candidating for a church

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Get ready for their answers to be all over the map.Most committees have not talked this out, and their expectations are as scattered as the congregation’s are. Then, consider pointing out to them the wide variety of their answers and how this is typical of congregations and they should never forget this.

Answer: Things that might be considered embarrassing or presumptuous or of a private nature.If the church has come through a split or if they fired the previous pastor, this is better dealt with in a one-on-one with the chair than in the entire group.By asking it to the entire committee, you run the risk of opening an old wound or reviving a previous division. If the pastor candidate has something in his life that might be considered a deal-breaker (“I’m divorced” or “One of my children is gay” or “Our son is in prison”), these are better shared in private.8) How is your church different from the others in your city? Few things will affect your ministry more than knowing how this church does its work and makes crucial decisions. If possible, after someone answers it, ask, “Does everyone agree with that? They expect to go undefeated and win the national championship every yerar.You would like to hear that they know precisely the role the Holy Spirit has called them for and that they are filling it. 10) What would be my biggest challenge as your pastor? In the same way, a new pastor will want to know if he has time and be given the latitude to try things, some of which will not work out.

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