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Also, Jeff told me stories of waves crashing above the breakwaters of Raffles Lightouse and washing gear and equipment away, so I was really expecting the worst.James' papers got wet wet wet in his leaky flattened tent.I did go home, and treated my bloody pussy wound..a much less painful, and more effective way.I think spawning Acroporas is analogous with constipation, gross but true.The first few nights there were none but a couple of early spawners.I was standing one minute and on the ground the next with a sprained ankle and a bloodied knee.The subsequent couple of days, there were EVEN MORE spawning activity!Mushroom corals spawned and the big massive boulder coral spawned too, along with many others!

You know, the NERDS sweets made from the Willy Wonka factory thing.for it 7-eleven or sth.

Diving at Raffles Lighthouse is absolutely wonderful!

You SEE the eggs, you SEE IT, but it takes SOOO damn LOONNGG for it to get pushed out.

Officials are waiting for DNA test results before announcing whether the severed body parts mark the tragic end of the search for the autistic 14-year-old.

The recovered sneakers are a size 5 and ¹/2 black Nike Air Jordan, just like the sneaker Avonte, 14, was wearing on the October day when he disappeared from his Long Island City school 11 miles downstream, said Perecman.

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