Browser not updating favicon

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The following suggestions generally remedy browser-related issues.

This was a great upgrade for Blogger users, as we could now upload our own Favicon file on the the same domain.

Normal methods for clearing the browser cache don't always seem to work; I had to run the browsers with brand new sandboxed profiles to get consistently repeatable results.

Help please: I am trying to use my own favicon but the Joomla flower icon keeps appearing instead. I have put it into loads of different directories including the root, images, themes/247clean/images, etc. If you check the failure reports in your web stats for a non Joomla site that doesn't have a link specified in the header and you'll see that this is the default location that a number of browsers. It changes right in the middle of going through the site.

It can be fixed by refreshing your blog using I noticed that the website and favicon on that domain are cached separately, I am not sure about the exact reason but maybe it's because favicon needs to be used in bookmarks so it's separately stored by the browser for use in bookmars and other areas in the browser where it might need to use the site's Favicon.

We can play a small trick to refresh the Favicon cache too, here's the way.

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