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These men and women work long, hard hours, earn low pay and eat, sleep, joke, flirt and live like most Americans.Most of the men and women serving in Iraq right now are not the fighting machines we typically imagine them to be.I held a suicide bomber’s belt; I met a man whose face was burnt and eyes were blinded by shrapnel; I dined in a tyrant’s water palace; I even detonated a bomb (albeit a small one).Life in Baghdad seems a lot like life anywhere—complicated, difficult, often mundane and very real.Saddam’s flat-screen surround-sound theater system echoed satellite television off the cavernous walls of the ballroom.

The Civilian Engineers Corps makes sure the generators are working and that the tents are sturdy. Most of these people signed up thinking that they would be going to reserve trainings a few weeks out of the year and earning some extra cash doing a patriotic duty.While Iraqi residents face rigorous checkpoint searches whenever they go in or out, few complain because it means their homes are spared the anarchy raging outside.Growing numbers are putting their properties up for rent, aware that for Westerners, life outside the Green Zone is now so dangerous that not even the most heavily fortified hotels or homes are safe.The majority of the men and women in Iraq are typical, hard-working Americans who are filled with a powerful sense of purpose, risking a much higher probability of being killed than the typical waitress or auto mechanic.One only needs to listen to the thump of mortars during the night to remember that life in Baghdad is unlike life anywhere else.

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