Avoid pitfalls online dating

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Habit #6: They Slip Up If they do tell you anything about themselves, they might slip up and say something that doesn’t really add up. It won’t hurt to ask why a few days ago they said they were 10 when they moved to England, when today, when asked they said they were born in England, for instance.Top tip: go with your instincts and call them out on any behaviour that doesn’t quite add up.Habit #7: They Call You Affectionate Names Are they calling you something affectionate like ‘Darling’ or ‘Sweetheart’ even though you have only spoken to the person a few times?Are they talking about settling down with you, or spending all their time with you?This person is most likely situated in a different country, with no desire to meet you in person.Top tip: this is probably the biggest red flag so far, you’d be well within your rights to stop contact with someone who doesn’t want to meet you in person.Wising up on these key scammer habits will help protect you from getting hurt, and stop you falling for the wrong person.From experience, putting yourself out there online will make it quite hard to differentiate a scammer from a normal person!

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It’s so important to have those initial conversations over the first few days monitored by the dating site, so that if there is something fishy about your love interest, you will have the protection you need.Habit #3: They Want Your Email Address This is an absolutely classic move.Online dating sites that you have to pay for scour the membership base for scammers, and the technology used is so sophisticated that it could be a matter of minutes until a scammer is caught and thrown off the site.This is your second warning sign, but again, it’s a clue not necessarily a sure fire sign.Top tip: keep going with an open mind, but be vigilant at this stage.

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