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Michael Jackson, Steve Martin and Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others, appeared as contestants.

I would first like to preface, that I enjoy Rob's television programs, as for the most part they're kind of entertaining.

It makes for a great starting place for aspiring DIY hobbyists, but it also provides a great way for inexperienced solder jockeys and kitchen table boutiquers to try to launch their brand.

Perhaps most significantly, each example has inspired a seemingly endless array of remakes that are more widely available than ever before.

continue reading » Updated street-level maps of the United States and Canada with more than 2.5 million points of interest from America's #1 travel and map software. "They wanted a boy and a girl," he said in a 1992 interview with the Bay Area Radio Digest."They wanted the boy to do sports and the girl to do the dances and stuff that was going on in the Twin Cities -- very sexist -- and play music once a week." He hosted that show for two years before attending the University of Minnesota and doing a three-year stint in the Marines, according to the Bay Area Radio Museum.SAN FRANCISCO -- Jim Lange, the first host of the popular game show "The Dating Game," has died at his home in Mill Valley, Calif.With its two transistors, three capacitors and a handful of resistors, the Fuzz Face is the simplest of circuits, but just the right combination of these components can create a tone that for some guitarists is simply sublime.The next few installments of “Stomp School” will be dedicated to discussing the most iconic and influential pedals of all time.

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