Aura dating

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Green auras like security, stability and balance in their lives.

If one of them is planning on having sex with you, take caution: They are generally extremely receptive to bullsh*t and will be able to call you out on your bluff immediately.

Greens are likely the hardest working of the bunch in all areas of their lives: including sex.

People with green auras tend to have fine eyes for beauty, and ultimately guarantee their appearance, clothing, home and surroundings are both practical and beautiful.

(Warning: They'll tell you their deepest, darkest secrets almost right away.)They are seen as very attractive, yet love to admire others.Researchers believe those who encompass the blue aura are actually master communicators of the world.As it turns out, people who reflect blue auras are able to express emotions toward others in ways others may not see as clearly, whether it's a soft touch that speaks a thousand words, or even a smile through the eyes that instantly captures one's heart. They respect boundaries and commit to someone when they think they've met the perfect match.There's something in the air during that initial moment upon laying eyes on your lover for the first time.It's almost unexplainable, really: There is absolutely nothing tangible to this feeling, but you can surely sense something else unknown is drawing you to your new love interest. This is a sexual aura, revealing itself in its finest form.

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