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I find many Indian men attractive, for better or for worse. Studies show that people tend to like people who look like themselves.Indian people's facial features are actually quite similar to mine - tall noses, large eyes, and "sharp" bone structure.Now you can search and filter events during a presentation too!Timeline 3D allows you to present the details in your timelines as well as the surrounding historical events as context. You simply enter your historical events, add media with drag-and-drop, and then present your animated timeline. Share your timelines and themes with other Timeline 3D customers.Auto-layout now fits your timeline to a single page, optimizing images, fonts, and text to maintain readability.New printer themes use font weights instead of font colors to produce the best results with laser printers.Under the hood, we have upgraded all the code to use the latest Apple frameworks for better performance, stability, and features.Present interactive timelines with a 3D perspective.

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Timeline 3D can export your timeline as a Web GL web page which can be uploaded to your web server and integrated into your site design.

Timelines help you understand and present history with new perspective!

Download Timeline 3D for Mac Timeline 3D has been completely redesigned inside and out.

View Full Size With all of these technological advances, we haven’t forgotten our roots.

Timeline 3D remains the best way to print beautiful timelines.

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