Are andy and erin dating on the office

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This relationship was basically doomed from the get-go, but it definitely wasn’t his worst relationship. Also, I think when Jim left for Stanford, I was mad at Pam.

Like, why didn’t she tell Jim that she canceled her wedding for him?

Daryl was so stable, so down to earth, so rational, and most importantly, so honest. He is easily one of my favorite characters on the show. Doesn’t she deserve someone who is so honest with her? While they were together I think Daryl brought out a better side of Kelly.

She wasn’t lying and telling people she was pregnant.

What this couple fell short on was the fact that they never wanted to be public.

Before Dwight killed Angela’s cat, they snuck around, never telling anyone in the office that they were together.

While they have a solid relationship, to steal what someone else planned for their wedding is a dick move for sure.

It could be argued that this is one of the best-suited couples in the entire show. Their personalities are so compatible that it just makes sense that they were together.

Perhaps most importantly, she was super supportive of him.

Bob Vance and Phyllis have one of the most solid relationships on the show.

They have a longer relationship than anyone else in the office and there is only one time that Phyllis wonders if Bob was having an affair; which ends with Phyllis laughing about how ridiculous it sounds. So much so that they even leave their lunch with Jim and Pam to have sex in the restaurant’s bathroom. We don’t know that much about them as a couple, to be honest.

We became so incredibly is one of the best shows that has ever been on TV.

We became so incredibly invested in the characters' lives and, of course, their relationships.

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