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Sperm in the vagina and uterus female egg = fertilized egg. Developing, growing organism = a growing developing fetus that has as many infinite combinations of probable outcomes as you do.

And might I add that one of the key factors of whether or not something is "classified" (ctrl f "Abby, Townsville, Australia") as an organism is the fact that IT IS ALIVE.

I give it props for uniqueness but it is sung with zero emotion and is somewhat boring."Can't you see, Its not me your dying for"This is about blaming the abortion on the parents and wanting to keep his girlfriend.

He doesn't get that it is the end of their relationship until the drive home.

They were scared kids trying not to get caught, but not fully comprehending the depth of the situation until too late.

He never talks directly to the fetus as that's a pain you can't sing big woop a guy attempted to write an empathetic song... you dont have to go home but you can't stay are so prolific, how many journals did you have to swipe?

This is getting long so basically what I'm trying to say to you is: same thing I said to Andy.

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(definition of SEE: 1)to perceive with the eyes; look at.Pain is experienced when tissue is BEING DESTROYED. Why do you think so many people that suffer mental and emotional anguish, many of them highly literate and erudite, describe those feelings as ultimately "painful"?If feelings like those are the NATURAL RESULT experienced by women, and men, involved in abortions, then by implication of you're statement, you believe them to be good feelings.There are many situations in my life that this song has fit, and hearing it helps me through the emotions of what I'm going though.My husband was a closet alcoholic, he was my brick, he finally admitted that he had a problem after flipping his brand new payed off Ford F-150 crew cab across the Washington Beltway, he suffered a traumatic brain injury (closed head injury) after leaving shock trauma I had to drive him for special brain scans everyday for two weeks.

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