Ancient dating customs

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As the land was mostly arid even then, hunter-gathering nomads sought the cool of the water source of the Nile River Valley and began to settle there sometime prior to 6000 BCE. 6000 BCE and communities known as the Badarian Culture began to flourish alongside the river.

Although ancient Egypt in popular culture is often associated with death and mortuary rites, something even in these speaks to people across the ages of what it means to be a human being and the power and purpose of remembrance.

The written history of the land begins at some point between 34 BCE when hieroglyphic script is developed by the Naqada Culture III.

By 3500 BCE mummification of the dead was in practice at the city of Hierakonpolis and large stone tombs built at Abydos. This version of the early history comes from the (History of Egypt) by the ancient historian Manetho who lived in the 3rd century BCE under the Ptolemaic Dynasty (323-30 BCE).

An early Egyptian creation myth tells of the god Atum who stood in the midst of swirling chaos before the beginning of time and spoke creation into existence.

Atum was accompanied by the eternal force of was also personified as a deity, the goddess of the ostrich feather, to whom every king promised his full abilities and devotion.

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