An error occurred while updating the firmware 6721

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This can be done by choosing "Check for Updates..." in the Air Port Utility menu, or by downloading the software directly from Apple's Web site.

Before downloading, be sure to remove all currently installed versions of the utility.

Go to the /username/Library/Application Support/Apple/Air Port/Firmware/ folder and remove any files within this folder.

If you want to hang on to older firmware updates, you can just move them out of this folder, but the other option is to just delete them.

There should not be any interference from other applications, but the possibility is always there.

Resetting Air Port The last option is to reset the Air Port device itself (including Time Capsules), which can be done in one of two ways: the first is a soft reset, and the more complete one is a "factory default" reset.When the folder is empty, get information on the user library (/username/Librarary) by right-clicking it and choosing "Get Info" (or by selecting it and pressing Command-I) and then click the lock at the bottom of the resulting information window.Authenticate and then ensure your username (the one with "Me" next to it) has both read and write permissions for this folder.The message, which I admit I don't remember entirely, said that update failed.The device kept blinking amber – clearly unusable – so I unplugged it and restarted. I have not been prompted to update my firmware since so it appears that the update worked.

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