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The sketches here are laid out in a plan form – first the junior artisan/scribe copied the required details in red ink, then the master made corrections in black; before the sculptor finally removed the background.In the last stage, the images and texts were carved in relief before being painted.

Hieroglyphs almost always accompanied the various forms of representations; because the texts themselves were small pictures.

This glorious civilization was without doubt in the front-rank of creating enduring and unmatched art.

However, the context and content of the extraordinary body of work produced by the Egyptians cannot be categorized merely as art for art’s sake; because their ultimate aim was to bind heaven and earth as one. ( Public Domain ) The ancient Egyptians did not have a single word that corresponded with our abstract use of the word ‘art’.

In the areas surrounding the boat are mountains, birds that may represent flamingos, plants, and water. In their social and religious context, works of art played a practical role, whose straightforward physicality is not easy for the modern viewer to realize.

For example, the reliefs on temple walls depicting the king making offerings to the gods and smiting Egypt’s enemies not only communicated the idea that the king was fulfilling his duty to maintain order in the universe (concept of Ma’at); but such scenes were open to multiple interpretations.

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