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I’ll be covering this one much more in-depth in the coming days. Do The Right A new Digg-like website, where consumers can post stories as they relate to a company doing the “right” or “wrong” thing.Users vote, and a “positive” or “negative” impact is calculated.

It just needs a more appealing and more intuitive interface.John Edwards campaign launches Second Life HQ: The John Edwards camp has set up their own virtual campaign headquarters, in what appears to be a first-of-its-kind Second Life presence. Mark Warner (D-VA) did a Second Life appearance back in August, but the Edwards is the first to set up a more established base. Stikkit: A (relatively) new website/application that works much like the Google Calendar free type feature, except it’s for contacts, to dos, calendars, and so forth.Is it meant to position the campaign as the savviest, or does the campaign have a strategy to make something more out of the Sims-meets-chatroom phenomenon? Just type naturally (with the help of some magic words, and it’ll make sense of all of your streams of consciousness and organize them. Debate online, vote online.” Convince Me focuses around three different types of debates: Open Debate, Battle Head-to-Head, and “King of the Hill.” The website features a very nice tag cloud-like “categories” widget that lets users know what the biggest debates are.Two great political media finds, thanks to Tech Crunch: 1. Blog The Campaign ’08: Much of the same thing, however, it seems that Tech President has much more potential.Tech President: “Tech President is a new group blog from Personal Democracy Forum that covers how the 2008 presidential candidates are using the web, and vice versa, how content generated by voters is affecting the campaign.” All in all, it seems quite reminiscent of Hotline On Call, but focuses on social media. While you wonder why you’re at work today, enjoy these: 1. David Chartier over at TUAW points to a new Dashboard/Yahoo widget by the good “volks” at Volkswagen.

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