Akanishi jin and kuroki meisa dating dating selection process

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AKB48 and the other groups in the “48” also have these types of regulations.

If you break these regulations, you can be kicked out of the group or “asked to resign”.

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Now, at this point most people from the west would say at this point “That is so wrong!

I will not be talking about Jin’s marriage specifically, but talking about how the marriages of Johnnys (and East-Asian idols) are different than the marriages American/ western celebrities and how I know Johnnys to get married.

Before getting into marriage and dating, I think it’s important to explain the management system of idols in the east.

Along with management by an agency comes strict regulations, which include rules about dating and marriage.

This isn’t just Johnnys, but most idol groups and talent agencies, though each one’s rules are different.

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