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When you turn off in-app purchases, the option to buy these extras within games and apps will be disabled.

This means no surprises when the i Tunes bill comes in your email.

The first step to a kid-friendly i Pad is to turn on restrictions, which allow you to restrict what applications are allowed on the i Pad.

You can turn on these parental controls by going into your i Pad's settings, choosing general settings from the menu on the left and then scrolling down until you see Restrictions.

Oftentimes, in-app purchases are shortcuts that can be obtained by simply playing the game and achieving certain goals.

And too often, a game or app is designed around enticing users into in-app purchases.

By default, the App Store will prompt for a password for even a free game or app, but if you have recently typed in your password, there is a grace period where apps can be downloaded without being verified.

If the i Pad is primarily used by kids, especially toddlers, it may be a good idea to simply turn off the App Store.

In-app purchases have essentially taken over the economic model of the app store.The 4 category is basically the ' G' rated category with no violence (cartoon or otherwise), drinking, drug use, gambling, foul language, nudity, etc.Th 9 category adds cartoon violence and includes apps like the LEGO series of movie-based games.While it might be easier to simply disable the App Store for a two-year-old or a four-year-old, it may be easier to allow your pre-teen greater access to the i Pad.This is where the age-based restrictions come into play.

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