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So just as Connie Francis crooned, “Where the Boys Are,” so I give single men in the San Francisco Bay Area a short list of great places to start for meeting quality single women in the Greater Bay Area. There are a number of attributes of the layers of class. Not every one who went to college does not necessarily prove this is a quality single.

If a guy is into you and sees a potential future with you, he’ll court you, which means he’ll make plans in advance for your date and take you to dinner or an activity that he knows you’re interested in.If he’s into you, he’ll make time to see you, one way or another.He should be reaching out to you just as much — if not more — than you’re reaching out to him.We often allow our emotions to interfere with the reality of a situation.Consider our expert dating advice: Don’t let your heart block your judgement and lead you to ignore the red flags that your man might be sending you!

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