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Mostly because I had him that I didn’t want that (him not talking to me after) to happen and he still did it anyways. Maybe he had a legitimate reason for having to travel.I had felt so so shitty this past month, it triggered my binge cycle (which I’m still not out of), and I was finally moving on and talking to a couple of really NICE guys. But then again, ALL I really ever wanted was even just ONE text. I considered him as a friend first and foremost more than anything, and it just really made me feel shitty. My small talk is boring, repetitive, and I have zero wit over text.The new housemate and I have been hanging out a lot. Over the last 4 weeks there's been a lot of kissing and cuddling and sleeping in each others beds, however we haven't had sex yet, which honestly I don't mind because I've really enjoyed myself.2 weeks ago I brought up how I feel and said I think she's really beautiful and we definitely have a vibe together.But in the modern dating world where effective texting is a precursor to a successful dating life, I feel like my boring texting skills are ruining any of my chances to date.

Regardless of everything I've loved the flirting and company and the physical affection.She said she feels similarly but wants to keep things as uncomplicated as possible.She says that after her last relationship, moving houses, meeting new people etc has given her a new lease in life and she doesn't want to disrupt it.i was planning on taking him out on a double date (a friend of his with a friend of mine), but i don't know. Decided this year that we’re finally going to get an apartment together, but mostly because it’ll be closer to the college we are going into for pharmacy school. Didn’t want to lose the unit, so we put in a deposit and had to move in within 30 days.He was hesitant at first because he wasn’t financially ready to move, although I had offered to cover most of the expenses because a) I financially can and b) do not want to live alone in a new area. Either way, I’d have to move in because I didn’t want to lose the unit. Boyfriend has not moved in yet, and it’s almost been a week.

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