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i deploying database, storage, hosting ✔ database: rules ready to deploy.

i storage: checking rules for compilation errors... Sign-in to the app by using the SIGN-IN WITH GOOGLE button and feel free to add some messages and post images: If you sign-in the app for the first time on a new browser make sure you allow notifications when prompted: We'll need you to have notifications enabled at a later point.

The file already lists two required dependencies: the Firebase SDK for Cloud Functions and the Firebase Admin SDK. */ // TODO(DEVELOPER): Import the Cloud Functions for Firebase and the Firebase Admin modules here.

While most of what you do in this codelab should be within the free tier there is a risk you may be billed depending on your usage.

const admin = require('firebase-admin'); admin.initialize App(); // TODO(DEVELOPER): Write the add Welcome Message Function here.

// TODO(DEVELOPER): Write the blur Images Function here.

If you would like to learn how to use the Firebase platform on the Web by building a chat app, follow the Firebase Web Codelab first.

If you already know how to use the Firebase platform and CLI and want to learn about the Firebase SDK for Cloud Functions you're at the right place.

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