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For example, Delaware, Illinois, Kansas, and Ohio serve only unemployable individuals, yet they set the maximum benefit level at or below 5.In most of the 30 states with General Assistance programs, most recipients qualify for health coverage, generally through Medicaid or a state-funded health care program.The ACA provision will allow low-income childless adults, including those receiving General Assistance, to qualify for Medicaid.

Prior to this change, states could not receive federal matching funds to provide health coverage to non-disabled, non-elderly childless adults unless they obtained a federal waiver.California also obtained a waiver that enables it to continue and to strengthen county-level adult coverage initiatives.Other states that provide Medicaid to some groups of non-disabled childless adults are Hawaii, Montana, New York, and Vermont.In 29 of the 30 states with General Assistance programs, the maximum benefit is below There is no federally supported cash safety-net program for poor childless adults who do not receive SSI.These state or local General Assistance programs are generally the only cash assistance for which such individuals can qualify.

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