Accommodating hearing impairedd classroom

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Psychology programs are not required to provide the most sophisticated auxiliary aids and services available; however, they must effectively meet the needs of a student with a disability.

A test should ultimately measure a student's achievements and not the extent of the disability.

She found the extra exam time to be helpful, but as she progressed in her program, reading assignments become longer, and program requirements become more intensive, she had a difficult time keeping up with her work despite her extra efforts. C was stressed and exhausted, and decided to ask her professors for additional accommodations.

She explained her situation and requested additional time on written assignments and access to lecture materials in advance to facilitate note-taking.

Most often, the student is advised to initiate the accommodation process with the disability resource center or office on campus.

This office then determines whether the student is eligible for services and, if so, coordinates appropriate accommodations and services based on the documentation provided and in consultation with the student and other professionals, as appropriate.

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