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This list include some of the best kept Disney secrets, advice on how to make the most of your Disney World vacation and tips on how to save money and avoid long lines. The Disney website will automatically charge you rack rate price (regular price) unless you go through their special offers page. Disney Vacation Planners (also called Disney travel agents) are FREE to use. When consider where you want to stay, make sure you consider how long you will actually be in the room.

You can book rack rate now and when specials come out, you can call and ask them to apply the special to your vacation. You’ll get the same specials as you’ll get through Disney (and pay the same price) plus you will get extra perks and planning tips. If you will spend the majority of your day in the parks, opt for the least expensive resort that is on your list. Most resort rooms allow for 4 adults plus a crib baby under 3.

A Guest Assistance Card will enable those will special needs to fully enjoy their vacation by offering alternative entrances and waiting areas for attractions. In order to visit 2 parks in one day, you will need to add the Park Hopper option on your ticket.

If you aren’t 100% sure that you will want/need/use Park Hopper, you don’t have to buy it ahead of time.

You can pick up your button at the concierge desk or Town Hall in the parks. They can also help with blisters, heat exhaustion and loose teeth! We can typically squeeze in about 10-12 rides in the first hour the park is open.

It will take you 3-4 hours to ride that same number of rides later in the day! If anyone in your party has special needs, Disney offers a Guest Assistance Card.

You will also find the show times and parade times listed in the Times Guide. They are the character handlers and they can help you find any character that is currently meeting in the park. When you get into line to meet a character, make sure you ask the handler when the character will be going for a little snack break. This center includes a nursing room, changing stations, high chairs, toys and more. This is a great way to sprinkle a little Pixie Dust on another family. You could also order an inexpensive stroller on Amazon and have it shipped to your resort. It is so much cheaper to rent one from an off site company (we have used Scooter Vacations).

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If you stay on site, you can take the Magical Express from the Orlando Airport to Disney World for FREE!

Don’t be shy and ask him if/when the character is coming. You could explain this to your child by saying that the other characters have to save their voices for the parades and shows (where they do speak). Disney has a selection of special occasion buttons that you can wear. Just make it to the park about 45 minutes before it opens.

This might help you meet a character with little to no wait. They have everything from Birthday to Family Reunion. Here you can get single dosages of select over the counter medicines. This will ensure that you enter the park in front of the crowds.

You will pay the same exact price if you buy it before you leave or if you buy it at the gate.

You can add Park Hopper on at any time, including the moment you decide you want to Hop to another park.

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