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Creationism, Evolutionism, and Intelligent Design are three of the major positions on the question of how we got here. That seemingly straightforward question proves surprisingly controversial. Some on both sides of the issue would like to do exactly that.

It could be tempting to simply put participants in the discussion into two groups—creationists and evolutionists—and leave it at that.

Some evolutionists dismiss everyone who thinks that the world was created as a “creationist” (using this term in a negative sense).

But it seems that there is a huge amount of heat that is brought to this discussion, and at times the origins debate seems to degenerate into a mutual snarkfest.

Of course, people coming from different viewpoints will not agree with each other. It’s also natural and healthy for advocates of the different views to make their case and to cross-examine the positions of others. But we can treat each other with respect and charity as we do so. A first step is recognizing that there are, in fact, more than just two views here.

The player is given the option of choosing Senpai's gender at the beginning of the game; they might be "Senpai-kun", or they might be "Senpai-chan".

If Senpai is a male, his name is Taro Yamada, and if she is a female, her name is Taeko Yamada.

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