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On Monday 19 August the Jacobite standard was raised there.

On August 19 that standard was raised at Glenfinnan and a general call to arms was put out.

His aim is to raise a Jacobite army and restore his family to the throne of the Kingdom of Great Britain.

They had, since the war, been concerned in privateering; and with the view of extending their operations, had lately obtained from the French government a grant of the (le Du Teillay), both of which ships were in the course of being fitted out for a cruise in the north seas.He secured the support of Cameron of Lochiel, who had also been pessimistic about the outcome of the rebellion, by sneering that Lochiel could stay at home and learn of the Prince's fate in a news sheet.Lochiel's support and the men he could put in the field were vital if the rebellion was to proceed.The engagement depicted in this painting took place on 9 July 1745, and was described as follows: the French man-of-war the (60 guns), off the Lizard at four o'clock. He, however, offered to pursue the voyage if supplied with a main-mast and some rigging, but Walsh had no spare materials; and after intimating that he would endeavour to finish the voyage himself, and advising the commander of the; but being a swift-sailing vessel she outran her pursuer.Captain Brett made four drawings illustrating the successive stages of the encounter, and this picture is based on that of the final phase (in the Sandwich collection, Kingzett, op. She encountered a rough sea and tempestuous weather on the 15th and 16th, after which the weather became fine till the midnight of the 20th, when a violent storm arose.

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