10 things not to do while dating

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Think of all the strolling, playing, or like me with my dog, sleeping together.And a study in Loyola University also proves that people who receive pet therapy recover from surgery with significantly less pain medicine than those who do not.A fruitful relationship is supposed to make you feel contented.However, being with someone who is unable to understand you, it is hard to feel happy.Social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, or Snapchat may allow more convenient communication, but all these ways of communication neglect the importance of face-to-face socialization.And at the end, despite many “friends” we have on the online media, they don’t really have anyone to talk to when they need friends most.Persistent loneliness is an indicator of depression.In case of depression, professional medication is necessary. A few sessions with a trained psychologist are going to help you pinpoint what triggers your loneliness.

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If you like playing chess, join a chess club; playing with others will definitely sharpen your logic skills. If there’re no nearby clubs that interest you, start one of your own.

We prefer online communication to face-to-face conversation because online communication is less committed, if you don’t respond instantly, it’s okay.

But face-to-face conversation doesn’t really need to be stressful.

And helping others also open up opportunities of deep friendships, as very often, a deep relationship is forged in adversity. When you take a different route to work, you barely know what you will see and who you will meet at the next street corner. But when the connection is lost, you won’t feel that bad because from the very beginning you have already known that this won’t last long.

When we talk about “helping others”, you don’t need to always save others by risking life. Write your colleague a card if he or she is unhappy. It may sound counter-intuitive, but somehow staying with toxic people who don’t show sympathy for others may make you even lonelier.

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